Calendar 2008

2008-05-11 - 6 hour endurance race, Kinnekulle Ring
2008-06-14 - 6 hour endurance race, Ring Knutstorp
2008-07-06 - 6 hour endurance race, Sturup Raceway
2008-08-24 - 6 hour endurance race, Falkenberg
2008-09-07 - 6 hour endurance race, Ring Knutstorp
2008-10-04 - 6 hour endurance race, Sturup Raceway

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Racereport Kinnekulle Ring 2008-05-11

The week before the race was very calm for us. We had been working very hard two weeks earlier to get everything ready for the test at Kinnekulle ring. Unfortunately we didn´t make it to both days so we were only able to test during the sunday. This was lucky however because we basically had the track to ourselves and were able to test the car in both dry and wet conditions. The car worked very well and all of our efforts to increase the realiabilty of the car seemed to be paying off. A completely new electrical system including a new Pectel T6 ECU, a new system of wheelspacers in the front, getting rid of some weight and making some improvements on the gearbox had kept us busy during the spring. Saturday night was spent putting some dekals on the car otherwise we really had nothing to do. For this race we had help from Johan in the pits and also Lena helped us out with food and drinks.

Our strategy for qualifying was to get a top 10 postion and in doing so avoid any drama during the strat of the first race of the season. Robert put down a quick lap on his firt lap and this gave us ninth postion. The plan was to let Daniel se if he could improve on this but on his second lap he complained that the brake felt soft. After airing the brakes it seems we hadn't gotten all the air out after rebulding the system during winter. Unfortunately qualifiyng was over so we had to settle for ninth on the grid.

Joakim took the strart without any incidents and held a good pace. Unfortunately he lost the rear end of the car and put it in the sandtrap. No damage to the car so after being pulled out he could continue. Unfortunatly this cost us about three laps. After 90 minutes it was time for the first refueling and driver change. To be on the safe side we bled the brake system again and after this it worked fine for the rest of the day. Now we had dropped down to a 25 th postion. Not good. Daniel was putting down some good laps but felt that he was loosing grip. Since it was very warm and Kinnekule is known to be really hard on the tires we took him in duing a pacecar situtation to let some air out of the tires. We hoped that this would mean that we could finish the race on one set of front tires. After another 90 minutes Robert took over after refueling and started racing hard with the BMW cars. They big problems trying to pass him and Robert who has won many races at Kinnekule seemed to be enjoying himself. However his driving was not aprreciated by the front tires which were worn out after an hour. An early pit stop and another driver change and tire change. Joakim took over but had problems keeping a good pace having new tires on in front old tires on the rear and a full tank of gas. The balance of the car got better with the fuel burning away and at the end of his stint it was quite good. Since we had to do an early tire change we had to make a fourth driver change. Luckily a safety car situation came just at the right time so we changed driver one last time. Daniel took over and now we had worked us up to sixth place. He finsihed the race whithout taking any risks and took the chequered flag 30 minutes later.

The day had been good and the whole team was very happy with our sixth place. Hopefully we have now seen the end of all the problems that we ahd last year and continue the rest of the season in this way. Big thanks to all of our sponsors and everybody else who help us.
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