Calendar 2008

2008-05-11 - 6 hour endurance race, Kinnekulle Ring
2008-06-14 - 6 hour endurance race, Ring Knutstorp
2008-07-06 - 6 hour endurance race, Sturup Raceway
2008-08-24 - 6 hour endurance race, Falkenberg
2008-09-07 - 6 hour endurance race, Ring Knutstorp
2008-10-04 - 6 hour endurance race, Sturup Raceway

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2008-10-07 Trippel Seven for Ciceron Motorsport!
After another seventh place at Ring Knutstorp and a race with no mechanical problems we felt quite confident. But when we got home we discovered that we had only been minutes away from a failed driveshaft. Also the radiator had started leaking. Unfortunately it had broken is such a way that it could not be rebuilt. We had to make a completely new radiator. We were now in seventh place in the standings one point behind Team GTM. Our goal was to beat them and become the best frontwheel drive car in the series.

Friday was spent setting up the pitarea and working on our strategy for the race. On the the way down we had broken the exhaust on the the truck which resulted in a fairly noisy ride down to Sturup. We were hoping for rain but it seemed that it would be sunny and dry all day Saturday. We proceeded to set the car upp for a dry weather race.

Qualifying started with running in the brakes. After about ten laps they were working properly. We changed the tires and sent Daniel out to get warmed up. After another ten laps he came in and it was Roberts turn to set a good qualifying lap. Unfortunately it was a bit wet on the track and our dry weather setup did not work so well. He managed ninth on the grid. Sturup has always been a problem for us. Extremely tight and slow corners in sektor two and three realy loses us time. In the fast sweeping corners of sektor one we had the third best time but we loose it all in sektor two and three. We have tried a number of setups but just can't get the car to work well in these corners.

Robert took the start without any incidents. After an hour we experienced a small electrical problem but Robert pushed on and did his full stint before we took him in or driver change. refueling and to repair the brakelights. Unfortunately it took a bit of time so we came out in 17th place. Daniel continued and after his stint we had to change the front tires. The team did very good pit work and Joakim came out in 11th place with new front tires. Only problem was that part of the driverside door came apart and fell into the car. Joakim managed to fix it while still out on the track and continued his full stint. With some good planing we managed to take the last stop during a safety car situation. Again the guys did a very good job. Refueling, changing driver and chaning four tires. Daniel now got a set of medium tires both on the front and rear of the car. This worked very well and he pushed hard to bring us up to seventh place.

Our nearest competitors in the series had both been forced to retire with technical problems so we now managed fifth overall in the series. Our best season yet with the S40. Three BMW infront of us and an Volvo 240 built and run by the guys at Volvo leaving us as the best of the frontwheel drive cars. The whole team was very happy that we could finish the season on good terms. Big thanks to our sponsors.

2008-10-02 Last race of the season!
After two good races we are confident that we can make three. Our goal is to move up from seventh to sixth in the total standings. This would make us the best placed fwd car in the series. If we are lucky we could move up to fifth which would be very good.

Race starts 10:50 Saturday morning. For live timing click here...

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