JT Racing was started in autumn of 2004. The ambition was to build a team that could grow and adapt for greater challanges in the future. During 2007 JT Racing became Ciceron Motorsport. Some personel changes were made and focus was shifted toward a more professional approach to racing.

What is endurance racing?
Endurance racing is about keeping the car on track during a certain time interval, usually 6 to 8 hours. The car that does the most laps around the track during this time wins. Sounds easy but it really is not. Many faktors such as driver changes, tire changes, refueling play an important role during the race. Endurance racing is as much about strategi as it is driving fast.

What do need to participate in endurance races?
A properly prepared racecar is a good start. The car that we are using is a Volvo S40 with a 2,0 l engine. The car was originally built by Maurer motorsport in Switzerland to participate in the German touringcar championship (DTC). It is built to the superproduction regulations and is very well maintained. Through a partnership with GPI International S.A. we were able to put together a budget and to bring the car to sweden to race it in ERC. A car is a good start but a knowledgeable team and a proper budget is are also vital to making a serious race effort.

Working with JT Racing?
To make this effort possible we have two main strategies. Partnerships with technical support within the frame of motorsport and monetary sponsorship. So far we have had good relationships with the companies which have choosen to work with us. For next season we have some new projects that we are working on. We feel that it is important that partnerships kan be held through many years so that there is a continuity in working with Ciceron Motorsport. This is one of the reasons why our partners choose to work with us.

We are looking forward to long and prosperous partnership with your company.

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